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Let Lightroom Presets do the Magic!

Tone your photos moody and ambient with one click! Lightroom presets can help save you a ton of time during photo editing. If you are Nature or Landscape photographer, try my new Moody Nature Preset Collection with 52 favorite presets of mine. I promise, they are stunning and will do magic to your photos!

As a photographer you probably work with a lot of images, so why would you not give a try for a Lightroom preset collection and test something new? Lightroom presets can help to speed up your editing workflow, allow you to get amazing effects that you might not be able to duplicate on your own, and they can also serve as an excellent educational resource if you want to learn how to create different types of effects.


Moody Nature Lightroom Preset Set

Order my hand picked Moody Nature Lightroom Presets and transform your images with amazing new styles.

Moody Nature Lightroom Preset Collection contains 52 favorite presets of mine for creating dark and ambient tones for nature pictures.

Forest Lightroom Presets


Forest Lightroom Presets

Forest Lightroom Preset Set contains 12 favorite presets of mine for creating beautiful green tones for forest pictures. After purhace, we’ll send an invoice and a download link to given email address.

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